Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Voyage next fall

As many of you probably know, literally a day before my wife and I were to fly to Miami to join the ship for the spring '09 semester I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and advised not to delay treatment. It was difficult to inform Dean Reg Garrett that I would not be able to make the trip (I had given him a heads up around Christmas time that this cancellation could occur).

Well, the Semester at Sea folks, and particularly Dean Gies, have been kind enough to invite me to be on the faculty for the fall 2010 voyage. So, I am dusting off my files and preparing to teach 3 courses: two sections of World Regional Geography and a Geography of the Oceans course. The faculty will depart out of Norfolk around Aug. 23 next year. The students will get on board the ship in Halifax several days later. On the side of this blog is the proposed itinerary.