Friday, September 14, 2012

Field Lab: National Oceanography Centre

For each class faculty plan and implement a field lab which constitute 20% of a student's grade.  For my ocean geography class I planned a tour and briefing a the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), in Southampton.  NOC was located only about a mile+ from where our ship was docked.

One of NOC's smaller research vessels

 The day of our visit happened to be an open house day for prospective students.  This had both good and bad points-- unfortunately, we were not given the individual attention or "hands on" aspects that I had hoped.  But, on the plus side we sat in on some briefings that gave the students a nice overview of what marine science studies were all about, with oceanography, marine biology, marine geology and geophysics being the key components.

We were shown a lab with tanks where various experiments were on-going

One of the professors giving an overview of the marine biology and oceanography parts of the program

Exhibits in the labs

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